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Adding a New Record Type

You can add a new record type by using the following steps:

  1. Select Genesys Cloud > Record Type > New to add a new record type.
    The default record type is
    Record Types – genesys-ug-02, but you can add or remove new types by using the New Genesys Record Type view. Administrators define what Netsuite RecordType is displayed in the CTI panel.
  2. Select an existing record type, by either:
    • Enabling the From List checkbox, as shown in the graphic below, and selecting a Record Type from the drop-down list:
      New Genesys RecordType View &mdash From List
    • Enabling the Not in List checkbox, as shown in the graphic below, and enter the NetSuite Record Type based on the internalid of the record type:
      New Genesys RecordType View — Not in List
  3. Enter the information in the Name field that is used in the setup of all other user interfaces for the selected record type.
  4. Select Show Panel to display the CTI panel on the defined record type.
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