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Initiating a Consultation

When you're on an active call in Gplus Adapter for Salesforce, you can initiate a consultation with another agent at any time.

To start a consultation, click Consult and choose a contact or enter a phone number in Team Communicator. The adapter places your original call on hold and adds a consultation area that includes the consultation call state and a list of consultation call actions.

Vcc GplusInitiateConsult.png

You can easily switch back and forth between your original call and your consultation by clicking Retrieve GPlusRetrieve7.png or Retrieve Consultation GplusRetrieveConsultation.png.

If you like, you can also provide some details about the call in the Notes field. This can be helpful if you consult before transferring or starting a conference call. When the target agent sees the transfer or conference request, he or she also sees your notes in the call details area.

Consult before Transfer

You can transfer your original call to the agent you're consulting with by clicking Complete as Transfer GplusConsultTransfer.png. This immediately transfers the call to the consulting agent and ends it for you. As usual, you can add call information and click Mark Done to finish.

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