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Transferring or Conferencing Calls

When calls are transferred, they can be:

  • a cold, or a blind single-step, transfer
  • a warm/consultation, or two-step, transfer

A warm transfer is when you remain on the call during the transfer, while a cold transfer is when you transfer the call and you are immediately disconnected from the call. The caller either connects to the agent to whom you transferred the call or waits in queue until the agent to whom you transferred the call becomes available.

Making Transfer or Conference Calls

To make consultation or conference calls, or to blind transfer an active call, click on the name of another agent who is in the Ready state. A dialog box then appears in the dialpad displaying the following call controls, as shown in the table below:

Button Functionality
VCC260 Blind.png
You can blind transfer the call to another agent and then disconnects you from the call.
VCC260 Consult.png
You can consult with another agent, put the customer on hold, and enable the remaining three options below.
VCC260 Add Agent.png
Adds the customer to the conference call along with the other agent.
VCC260 Transfer.png
Transfers the call to the other agent.
VCC260 Adapter Disconnect.png
Disconnects the other agent and adds the customer back to the call.
Transfer Screen
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