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Installing the Adapter

Installing the Adapter is the first step in getting your contact center started.

If you have already installed this app, uninstall it and then re-install it again. This method makes it easier to upgrade to the latest Adapter version.


You need to contact Genesys Cloud Care to obtain the software installation package for the Gplus Adapter for Zendesk. Then you need to download and store the installation package on your local machine. Do not unzip the installation file.

Installing the App


  1. Download the installation package to your computer. Don't unzip the package on your computer. The Zendesk application installer will unzip the file.
  2. Log in to Zendesk.
  3. Click Settings GplusAdpZdSettingsIcon.png > Manage > Upload Private App.
  4. Image of steps to upload a private application
  5. Type a name for the adapter. To ensure that the name is recognized by the initialization script, use the following format for the name: <app_name>.*
  6. In the App File section, click Choose File and then select the zip file.
  7. Image of the Upload App window
  8. Click Upload. If a warning message is displayed, click Upload on the message to continue.
  9. On the Installation page, configure the Installation Window Settings.
  10. Installation Window Settings
  11. Click Install.


When the installation process is complete, the adapter appears as a private application in the list on the Installed Apps page.

Installation Window Settings

Field or Checkbox Name Definition


Enter the app name.

Adapter Height

Enter the height of the adapter in pixels or accept the default of 500.

Adapter Width

Enter the width of the adapter in pixels or accept the default of 600.


Enter the CTI Adapter URL, which must be

Auto Create Outbound Ticket

Click to enable the automatic creation of a new ticket, if the main window does not already contain an existing ticket.

Search Customer

Click to enable the search result panel to display the Search Customer type of records.

Search Ticket

Click to enable the search result panel to display the Search Ticket type of records.

Search Organization

Click to enable the search result panel to display the Search Organization type of records.

Ticket Phone Id

Enter the comma-separated IDs of custom phone fields for user and ticket records.

CTI Panel Permission

Type the role names that you want to have permission to access the adapter. As an administrator, you can control the access of the CTI panel and monitors. See Managing Permissions for more information.

Disable Call Activity

Select this option to disable call activity.

Enable role restrictions

Select the roles that you want to grant access to the adapter. You can select more than one.

After the successful installation, the installed App is displayed.

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