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Enabling Click to Dial

Click to dial functionality helps you to incorporate your web browser with your phone system.

Predefined Custom Phone Fields

If your Zendesk account already has custom phone fields defined for user and ticket records to store home, mobile, and work phone numbers separately, then just copy the comma-delimited key-names of the user phone fields and IDs of the ticket phone fields into the Genesys App Settings [Ticket Phone Id].

Undefined Custom Phone Fields

If your Zendesk account does not have any custom phone fields defined:

  1. Select Settings > Manage > User Fields to open up the User Fields dialog box, as shown below, and create the following fields:
    • Cell Phone — [type: text, key: cell_phone]
    • Home Phone — [type: text, key: home_phone]
      Creating User Fields
  2. Select Settings > Manage > Ticket Fields, and create the Phone and Cell Phone fields, shown below:
    Ticket Fields View
  3. Click on edit to open the Ticket Field dialog box to get the Custom Field ID, as shown below:
    Ticket Field View
  4. You can then update the following fields to the Genesys settings:
    • cell_phone
    • homephone
    • customfieldid
    • customfieldid
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