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How Do I Assign Supervisors to Teams?

You associate a supervisor to a team using the Supervisors tab under Teams. Supervisors are users who are responsible for managing the contact center agents.

A supervisor can only be assigned to a single team at any given time.

Once the supervisors are assigned to a certain team, they can only see and edit the subset of skills and agents assigned to that team. This limited view is known as supervisor visibility.

  1. Select a team.
    VCC269 Teams Queue Selection.png
  2. Select the Supervisors tab in the section highlighted below to open the Supervisors view.
    VCC269 Dashboard Configuring Teams.png
  3. The Supervisors view is divided into two sections:
    • All Supervisors — lists all available supervisors in the contact center
    • Team Supervisors — lists the supervisors associated with a specific team
    You can search for a specific supervisor (optional) or just drag a supervisor from the All Supervisors section and drop it into the Team Supervisors section
    VCC263 Teams Supervisors Drop.png
  4. Click Teams to return back to the default Teams view, or click another tab to segment another section of the contact center.
    VCC263 Teams Back.png

What do the icons mean?

The icons that you see in the Supervisors view represent the following:

VCC263 Supervisor No Team.png — a supervisor who isn't monitoring any teams

VCC263 Supervisor Team.png — a supervisor who is monitoring a team

What if I want to assign a supervisor to a different team?

A supervisor must be unassigned from his current team before he can be assigned to a different team. VCC Dashboard displays the following message if you attempt to assign a supervisor to more than one team:

VCC269 Dashboard AssignSupervisor.png

Click Confirm to unassign the supervisor from his current team and assign him to the team displayed on your screen. Otherwise, click Cancel.

How do I remove a supervisor from a team?

You can remove any supervisor from an associated team. You can always add them back to a team as needed. In the Team Supervisors section, hover your mouse over the supervisor that you want to delete and click x to delete the supervisor.

VCC263 Teams Deleting Supervisors.png

How do I search for supervisors?

You use the search tool to find a specific supervisor by typing the name of a supervisor into the Search field. Searches are case-sensitive. Press Enter to start the search and click X to clear the search field.

VCC263 Supervisor Search.png
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