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Performing an Instant Conference Call

When you're on an active call in Gplus Adapter for Salesforce, you can perform an instant conference call with another contact.

To start an instant conference, just click Instant Conference Vcc GPlusInstantConference7.png and choose a contact or enter a phone number in Team Communicator. If you like, you can provide some details about the call in the notes field before you click Instant Conference. When the contact sees the incoming call, he or she will also see your notes in the call details area.

If your administrator has configured it, the conference target might also see related information about the active call in Salesforce. For example, if the caller already exists in the Salesforce contact database, the agent might see the Edit Contact screen.

Vcc GplusInstantConference.png

Once the conference is established, you can see the other parties listed in the Participants section. You can remove a participant by clicking the arrow next to the party you want to remove and selecting Delete from Conference.

Vcc GplusDeletePary.png

You can also start a consultation and talk with the conference target before performing an instant conference. See Initiating a Consultation for details.

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