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Manually Using the KPI Upload Application

This page explains how to manually use the KPI Uploader application.

The KPI Uploader can be run through the command line by running the GSKM.Apps.KpiUpload.exe and a configuration name, if one exists. Example: cmd> GSKM.Apps.KpiUpload.exe example, where example is the name of the configuration you want to run.

If there is no configuration name, the user will be prompted to enter the following:

  • A base URL for the Performance DNA API.
  • A response to whether an AWS API key is required – Y if the API is hosted on AWS; N if it is not.
  • The username of the user handling the upload.
  • The template that matches the KPI import file.
  • The file path and name of the import.
  • A name for the configuration just defined.
PDNA KPI ManualUpload.png

The KPI Uploader then sends the information to the API and upload the new records. The KPI Uploader folder contains a subfolder, labelled logs, which stores all logs as .txt files. The KPI Uploader folder also contains the XML configuration file just created.


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