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The SkillsAnalysis page enables you to correlate performance with learning interventions, and coorelate performance in one area against another. Sessions can be saved for future reference.

Pdna skills analysis page 900.png

To begin a new Session, follow the following steps:

Choose items to Analyse.

PDNA SkillsAnalysisChoices.png
  • Performance DNA – Assessment data
  • Performance Data – DNA Bae Data / KPI
  • DNA – DNA Strands or DNA Sequences

Select the items that you wish to correlate.

Select Users from the hierarchy. It is possible to select all users or specific users. In the following example a particular manager has been selected, which would select all members of this manager’s team.

If all users are to be selected as part of the analysis, click Select all users.

Pdna select users 900.png

Perform Analysis, to perform the correlation analysis on the select data types for the selected user(s), click Run Analysis.

Pdna data analysis 900.png

To view the Analysis Results, click the arrow at the end of the session details.

Pdna figure data analysis 900.png

Three options are available for viewing the correlation results on the Correlations page. The following example shows the Best Correlations option. The higher the correlation, the stronger the influence on the output.

Pdna analysis results 900.png

The Find Correlation For… option allows a specific data set to be selected to view the correlation results.

Use the drop down box to select a specific data set to view.

Pdna viewing correlation results for a specific data set 900.png

In the following example Customer Satisfaction (CSat) has been selected with all correlation results:

Pdna figure viewing correlation results for a specific data set 900.png

The third option, shown below, is to view the Results Matrix as a heat map view, with the highest (strongest) correlation results highlighted in green.

Pdna results matrix 900.png

To select users for training based on the correlation results, click the analyzed data. A separate window is presented to select the number of users based on results.

Pdna selecting users for training based on results 900.png

Once the users have been selected click Save to save that training plan and give the new plan a name (if required), then click Save. The saved training plan will then be available to view or export the details out by selecting Manage Saved Sessions. This will then reveal the user names that have been selected against the training plan.

Pdna saving the training plan 900.png
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