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Related Documentation Resources

The following resources provide additional information that is relevant to this software. Consult these additional resources as necessary.

Outbound Contact

  • The Outbound Contact 8.1 Reference Manual, which describes application features for Outbound Contact 7.6 and provides information about configuration options, constants, and communication protocols.
  • Outbound Contact Manager 7.6 Help, which describes how to use Outbound Contact Manager.

Genesys Administrator

  • Genesys Administrator Help, which describes how to use Genesys Administrator, including topics covering Outbound Contact specific tasks.

Proactive Contact/Routing

  • The Genesys 8.0 Proactive Contact Solution Guide, which consolidates information about the Genesys Proactive Contact solution. The Genesys Proactive Contact solution integrates Outbound Contact with Genesys Voice Platform (GVP), and provides the ability to proactively initiate and handle outbound campaign calls using GVP.
  • The Genesys 7.6 Proactive Routing Solution Guide, which provides instructions on how to integrate Outbound Contact with the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Platform.


  • The Framework Deployment Guide, which will help you configure, install, start, and stop Framework components.
  • The Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual, which will provide you with descriptions of configuration options for other Framework components.
  • Framework Configuration Manager Help, which will help you use Configuration Manager.


  • The Genesys Events and Models Reference Manual, which contains the T-Library API, information on TEvents, and an extensive collection of call models.
  • Genesys Technical Publications Glossary, which ships on the Genesys Documentation Library DVD and which provides a comprehensive list of the Genesys and computer-telephony integration (CTI) terminology and acronyms used in this document.
  • Genesys Migration Guide, which ships on the Genesys Documentation Library DVD, and which provides documented migration strategies for Genesys product releases. Contact Genesys Technical Support for more information.


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