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To access reports, you must have text and email channels enabled on your account.

To generate, schedule and view an account, campaign, or sub-campaign report, click the Reports tab.

Report "day"

Note that the report "day" for all Summary and Detail reports depends upon whether the time zone of the account is GMT or GMT+1, 2 or 3 time, such as in European countries, or GMT- time, such as in North American countries.

The report "day" for countries in GMT or GMT+ time is based on midnight to midnight in the Reports Time Zone. See Edit account information in the Settings section.

The report "day" for countries in GMT- time is based on 3AM-3AM ET.

The report "day" for Usage Reports is always based on midnight to midnight ET.

Report types

Account reports provide a record of what happened across all campaigns in your account for the selected time period. Account Contact Center Detail reports include a record for every Direct Connect attempt for every sub-campaign in the account within the report time frame. If multiple Direct Connect attempts are made in a single call, there is a record for each attempt.

Campaign reports provide a record of what happened over an entire campaign or for a range of dates within a campaign. The reports include combined information from all sub-campaigns that were run under the campaign. You can generate the reports for an entire campaign, a specified time period, or as an incremental report.

Sub-campaign reports provide a record of what happened for a single sub-campaign. You can generate the reports for an entire sub-campaign or for the previous day's sub-campaign activity.

Summary and Detail reports

Summary and Detail reports can be generated across an account, a campaign, or a sub-campaign.

Summary reports provide a performance overview of an account, campaign, or sub-campaign. These are typically two-page reports that list contact attempt results by status.

Detail reports provide a detailed breakdown of what happened for each contact in the list that was used for the account, campaign, or sub-campaign.

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