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Select the Campaigns tab to see a list of all the campaigns, sub-campaigns and passes which exist in every account in the Enterprise. Each campaign is presented with information in the following columns:

  • Start Time/End Time
  • Total Number of Recipients
  • Number Left to Process
  • Number Delivered Successfully
  • Number Failed to be Delivered
  • Number Recipients Filtered

Filter a campaign list

Along the top of the Campaigns tab, you can use the Show menu to filter the campaign list by a particular campaign state, or by filtering by a particular date range, or both. Once you've made your selections, click View.

You can filter by the following campaign states:

  • Running
  • Paused
  • Awaiting
  • Completing
  • Done
  • Stopping
  • Queued
  • Loading
  • Broken
  • Cancelled
  • System Paused

Clicking Manage next to a campaign will take you to the Campaigns page of Account Manager. Here, you can view and manage the campaigns and sub-campaigns in more detail.

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