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Account Tracking

You can use the Account Tracking feature to view all actions taken against one or more accounts. .

View Account Tracking information

To view tracking information for multiple accounts, use the following procedure:

  1. On the Accounts tabbed page, click Account Tracking.
  2. Enter the appropriate search criteria to find the accounts for which you want to view tracking information.
  3. For the most comprehensive results, check the box next to Creation Dates and enter the appropriate date criteria. For more specific results, you can enter information into other fields as well, such as User Account ID or Title. See Account tracking search fields for more information.
  4. Click Find Issues. The Account Tracking page appears, showing all actions taken against all accounts that met your search parameters.
  5. View - View the details of an action or to edit the contents of a note. From here, you can do the following:
    • Edit - Edit the description for the action or note.
    • Reply - Enter a comment about an action or note. You can view the reply later by clicking the Replies link under the associated View link.
    • Close - Close the pop-up window.

Account Tracking search fields

The following are search fields available to refine account tracking searches:

  • User Account ID—Enter the complete Account ID number of the individual account to restrict the search to actions performed on that account. This is the Account ID displayed in the Personal Information section on the Account Information General tab.
  • Title—To restrict your search to particular actions, enter all or part of the action title here. For example, the action title for user logins is "Action login". If you enter "login" in this field, the search is restricted to all login actions. Action titles also include text from the Title field of a Note or Reply.Terms you can search for include:
    • Login
    • Account Disabled
    • Resume
    • Retry
    • Logout
    • Send
    • Done
    • Account Enabled
    • Pause
    • Transitioned to
  • Description—Enter all or part of the description of an action. Action descriptions typically contain the user name, user email address, time, account ID, and user role. For example, if you enter "user" in this field, only Actions taken by account users are returned by the search. If you enter "admin", only Actions taken by system administrators are returned by the search.
  • Internal User Name—Enter all or part of the login (email address) of the account user to find all actions taken by that user. Note that if you use this field, actions for which the reason is User Actions are not included in the search results. If all current actions logged by the system for this user are User Actions, you receive the message "No records were found.
  • Reason—To restrict your search to a particular action Reason, select the reason here. Typically, you would select User Actions to display all actions taken by users (such as logins and logouts).
  • Reply ID—Enter a complete Reply ID to find the tracking issue associated with that Reply ID.
  • Creation Dates—To restrict your search to actions taken during a range of dates, select the range of dates here. Actions taken on the selected From and To dates are included in the search results.
  • Include Replies—Select this check box to include Replies in the search results.
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