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Account Reports

Account Summary Reports

Service Summary

The Service summary report provides the underlying data used to produce the invoice you receive for messaging services.

A "Service" is a designation used to identify billable functionality whose price is based on the terms of your contract. Your Service summary report will reflect only the Services used, based on those contracted.

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Account Activity

This report presents high level metrics for each campaign in the account, such as total messages attempted, total messages delivered and success rates.

The account activity report contains the following fields:

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List Audit

The List Audit report presents information about total records, rejected records, load timing, and original list names for lists loaded in an account or enterprise for the specified time period. The report is produced in CSV format.

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Account Detail Reports


The account Usage detail report contains detailed information for every attempt in every campaign in your account. The day range for Usage detail reports is based on midnight to midnight of the reporting time zone of the account.

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All Attempts v17 and All Contacts v17

The All Attempts v17 (campaign and sub-campaign) report is the same as the All Contacts v17 report except that it does not include filtered contacts.

These reports contain the following fields, presented in columns. For purposes of documenting this report, the fields (column names) are grouped logically, but note that the section names do not appear in the report itself.

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Service Detail

The Service Detail report can be used to reconcile client activity with an invoice. Normally, the Service Summary report serves this purpose well, but some clients want to be able to reconcile at a more detailed level.

The maximum span of time that the report may cover is set at 31 days. If requested for a time span greater than 31 days, the report will fail.

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Contact Center

The Contact Center detail report (enterprise, account, campaign and sub-campaign) includes a record for every Direct Connect attempt within the reporting time frame. If multiple Direct Connect attempts are made in a single call, there is a record for each attempt. For example, if the system attempts to connect to the contact center but receives a Busy signal, then the system attempts again and successfully connects, both Direct Connect attempts are recorded in this report (only the final attempt is recorded in the other Detail reports).

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