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Specification Files

An input specification file is an optional, but useful, mechanism for creating contact lists from existing customer data, whether it's fixed-length data, comma-separated data, or tab-delimited data.

The input specification file is set up to identify the location of the fields in your data that are needed to populate your contact list. For example, if the First Name field starts at the seventh position in your data format, that information is included in the input specification file. Using the specification file, you can selectively extract some of the fields from your data while ignoring the ones not needed for the contact list.

When you import your contact data into the messaging system contact list, you can select the input specification file that maps your data into the appropriate contact list fields.

Once defined, import the input specification into your account, either by itself or at the same time the contact data is imported. Once the file exists in your account it is available for use when importing additional contact data.

To add, view, or delete input specification files, click Specification Files from the Lists menu.

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