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Edit the News Page

If enabled, the News page allows you to present on screen announcements to the accounts in your enterprise upon login.

Click the News tab to specify the web page that your individual account users see when they click the News link in the messaging system.

When you supply a URL, users will not see any news provided by Genesys. If you do not configure a news URL, the default news page appears when the News page is launched.

To edit the settings of the News page:

  1. Sign in to the Enterprise Manager. The Accounts -> Find Account page appears.
  2. Click Find Accounts. The Enterprise Manager page appears with a table of Accounts found in the Enterprise.
  3. From the Enterprise column, click the name of the enterprise, or Click the Enterprise tab. The Enterprise tabbed page appears with the Enterprise Settings page active.
  4. Click the News tab to see the current settings.
  5. Enter the complete web address for the news page you want to display in the URL field. For example:
  6. Define the range of days for which the specified news page is active using the Start Date and End Date fields. Enter the start date and end date in mm/dd/yyyy format, or use the calendar icon for each field to select the date. When you click the icon, a monthly calendar appears. Use the previous month and next month arrows to select the month, then click on the day to select it and return to the News tab. Once the end date is reached, users can no longer access the specified news page.
  7. Max Number of Views If you want to restrict the number of times that the specified news page can be viewed, enter a value in this field. For example, if you enter 250, once the news page has been viewed 250 times, users can no longer access it.
  8. Click Save Settings.
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