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Copy Enterprise Campaign

To create a new campaign with settings similar to, or the same as, an existing campaign, make a copy of the existing campaign.

To copy an enterprise campaign:

  1. On the Campaigns menu, click Copy Enterprise Campaign. A list of enterprise campaigns appear.
  2. Choose the campaign to be copied and click Copy Campaign. The New Campaign page appears.
  3. In the Name field, enter a new name for the copied campaign. (Required if the copied campaign has the same name as a campaign in your account.)
  4. Change any campaign settings as appropriate for this copy.
  5. Check the start and end dates for the campaign and edit them as required.
  6. Click Save Campaign. The confirmation page appears.
  7. Verify the settings for the new campaign. To change any settings, click Change in the appropriate section.
  8. Click Save Campaign to return to the confirmation page.
  9. Click Save Campaign. The Campaigns list appears with the new campaign included. You can now create sub-campaigns under it.
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