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Installing IWD Web on Windows/Linux using GAX

  1. Make sure you have the iWD Web installation package for GAX:
    • For Windows—IP_iWDWeb64_8510007b1_ENU_windows.zip
    • For Linux—IP_iWDWeb_8510007b1_ENU_linux.tar.gz
  2. Login to GAX
  3. Go to Administration -> Installation Packages.
  4. Upload the iWD Web installation package by clicking the + button.
  5. Click on the uploaded package. The iWD Web installation package information view should be shown.
  6. Click on the Settings button and choose the Install option. The IP Deployment Wizard should be shown.
  7. Complete the following fields questions to install iWD Web application:
    1. Select the host.
    2. Add application parameters:
      1. Application name (iWD Web_8.5.aaa.bb_xxxyyyzzz)
      2. Tenant
      3. Port
      4. Primary Configuration Server
      5. Backup Configuration Server
      6. Configure client side port functionality—This is not supported.
    3. Add the installation path to installation parameters (silent.ini).
  8. The iWD Web application should be installed and available in the [Tenant] -> Applications Folder -> [Application name]
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