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Voice Tasks Overview

Are you looking for tutorials to help you learn how to use this feature? Check out the Related Resources section at the bottom of this article.

Voice tasks enable you to handle phone calls both with your customers and contact and with people inside your organization.

The voice interaction toolbar looks like this. It contains the controls that you need to handle calls. Iw us IWVoiceInteractionInbound2 Annotated 851.png

Click the links below to learn more about handling calls, setting up consultations, recording your calls, and more:

  • Voice Interaction—Enables you to view the information that is necessary to handle a voice interaction with a contact or internal agent.
  • Internal Voice Interaction—Enables you to start a voice interaction with an internal target.
  • Voice Consult—Enables you to consult with another agent about the current voice interaction. Voice consultations that are started from an active interaction enable your internal target to view case data, contact information, and history. The target agent can choose not to accept your consultation request. You can also transfer or conference your call to an Active Consultation.
  • Voice Recording—Enables you to record the current voice interaction with a contact or an internal target (for VoIP-/SIP-enabled agents only).
  • Video Interaction—Enables you to send and receive a video stream as part of a voice call.

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