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Chat Tasks Overview

Chat tasks enable you to handle chat interactions with contacts and internal targets. Click the links below to learn more:

  • Chat Interaction: Enables you to view all of the information that is necessary to handle a chat interaction with a contact.
  • Chat Consultation: Enables you to consult with another agent about the current chat interaction. Chat consultations that are started from an active interaction enable your internal target to view case data, contact information, and history, as well as the live transcript of the communication with the external contact. The target agent can choose not to accept your consultation request. You can also transfer or conference your call from an Active Consultation to the consultation target.
  • Altocloud Chat Interaction: Enables you to view the details of a contact's visit to your company website before and after they initiated a web chat interaction. This usually happens when your contact clicks a web chat widget, requests a quote, or requests more information.

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