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Workspace Hardware Sizing Information

This topic describes the Genesys Interaction Workspace and Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition hardware and space requirements for various deployment methods for Agent Workstations, ClickOnce, and (Virtualized) Server. Workspace supports three main deployment methods:

This chapter includes the following sections:

Agent Workstation Requirements

The following table shows the recommended hardware requirements for the Workspace host machine.

Recommended Hardware Requirements - Workspace Host Machine
Processor Memory Hard Drive Graphic Card Network
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.6 GHz 2 GB 200 MB DirectX 9.0+ xDSL / Lan

NOTE: 4 GB of RAM is recommended when non-Genesys applications are being run concurrently, or to improve performance.

ClickOnce Requirements

The following table shows the space that is recommended on the target workstations and the minimum network data transfer rate to deploy Workspace by using the ClickOnce feature.

ClickOnce Target Workstations and Minimum Network Data Transfer Rate
Hard Drive Network
500 MB Free Space 1 GB LAN, or more

The size of the Workspace downloads (without HTTP compression), including plugins, for each workstation are:

  • Full-featured Workspace: 23 MB
  • Workspace SIP Endpoint plugin: 23 MB
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Genesys Agent Scripting plugins: 1 MB each

(Virtualized) Server Requirements

The following table shows the recommended hardware requirements for each session on the Centralized Workspace host machine in a virtualized server environment using either Microsoft Remote Desktop or Citrix Xenapp sessions.

Recommended Hardware Requirements - Centralized Workspace Host Machine
Memory Hard Drive Network Bandwidth ICA / PCoIP
600 MB (x64 OS) 35 to 50MB for Workspace and approximately 1 GB for logs. The requirement for logs is configurable and so might be more or less than this value. < 10 KB / Sec

For detailed information, please refer to the Workspace Deployment Guide

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