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The Genesys 8 suite of products implements role-based access to functionality (role privileges). Users are categorized by their role. The role that is assigned to you determines which role privileges (see Definition--Role Privilege) you are enabled to perform based on privileges assigned to your role.

Workspace comprises a set of Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements called views. The role that is assigned to you determines which Workspace views are enabled for you to use. The views enable you to complete your assigned tasks. For example, you might be configured for voice and chat but not e-mail; you might be configured to transfer interactions and consult with other agents, but not to initiate new outbound interactions.

Examples of roles that might be enabled for some or all of the Workspace functionality include the following:

  • Junior Agent
  • Senior Agent
  • Team Lead
  • Supervisor
  • Expert Agent
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