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Web Callback Interaction

The Web Callback Interaction window is similar to the Voice Interaction window. It enables you to view all of the information that is necessary to handle a voice interaction with a contact who has requested a callback from your company web page.

Web Callback enables you to preview the web-callback interaction before you connect the call manually.

If your status is Ready on the Web Callback channel, new callback requests can be routed to you. When a web-callback interaction is routed to you, a new Interaction Notification is displayed. Click Accept to display the Web Callback Interaction Preview. Use the Web Callback Interaction Preview to make an outbound voice call. Click Reject to return the record to the another agent, routing point, or queue. If you do nothing, the interaction will be returned to another agent, routing point, or queue.

[+] Web Callback Interaction Preview
[+] Web Callback Interaction View
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