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Video Interaction

The Video Interaction window is a floating view that enables you to view an inbound video stream from a contact or other target. The video stream might come from a mobile device or a computer that is equipped with a webcam. If you have a video camera as part of your system, you can send a video stream to the contact.

The Video Interaction window enables you to view both video streams simultaneously, or only the inbound video stream.

IW Start Video Button 850.png — Click Start Video to connect to the video stream during a voice call that also has a video component. This button is displayed in the Interaction Bar only if the call has a video component.

IW Stop Video Button 850.png — Click Stop Video to close the Video Interaction window. This does not end the call, it only stops the video stream from being displayed and stops sending your video stream to the contact.

In the Interaction Bar, use the button Start/Stop Video enable to display or hide the video window.

The following buttons enable you to control the video stream:

  • IW Start Video Camera Button 850.png/IW Stop Video Camera Button 850.png — Click to start or stop the video stream component of a video-enabled voice call. Use this feature to put the video "on hold". This has no effect on the voice call. The video stream sends a message to your contact that says "On Hold". If you put the voice call on hold, the video call is also put on hold.
  • IW Hold Call Button 850.png — Put the call on hold and retrieve the call. The call status changes to On Hold, and then back to Connected when you retrieve the call. When you put the call on hold, the video stream is also put on hold. You and the contact can no longer see each other's video streams. A "Video on Hold" message is displayed to the contact.
  • IW Show Video Thumbnail Button 850.png/IW Hide Video Thumbnail Button 850.png — Click to show or hide in the Video Interaction window the thumbnail view of your video stream.
  • IW Switch View Video Button 850.png — Click to toggle the view of the Video Interaction window between the inbound video stream and the video stream from your web cam.

You can resize the Video Interaction window by clicking and dragging the edges of the window. Workspace remembers the size and position of the last Video Interaction window that you used.

When you end the voice call, the video stream will also end and the Video Interaction window is closed.

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