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Team Lead

If you are configured as a supervisor (Team Lead or Team Supervisor)) for an agent group, you can monitor or coach agents. If you accept the interaction, an interaction window is displayed on your desktop, and you are connected to the call or chat interaction.

If you are monitoring the agent, neither the agent nor the contact can hear you. The agent might be configured to know when he or she is being monitored (an icon is displayed in the interaction window), or he or she might be configured to be monitored without his or her knowledge.

If you are coaching the agent, the agent can hear you, but the contact cannot.

You can choose to join (barge-in to) a call or chat interaction.

Workspace enables you to switch from certain team supervision modes to others.

[+] Monitoring
[+] Coaching
[+] Barge-in
[+] Switching Modes
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