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SMS Interaction

Short Message Service (SMS) is a text-messaging component of voice and Internet communication. SMS enables the exchange of text messages between you and a contact through your computer. Typically, a contact will send you SMS from a mobile device, a web interface, or an e-mail client.

By definition, SMS are short messages. Workspace supports 160 characters per message. If you attempt to send a message that is longer than the character limit, additional messages will be sent to accommodate your entire message.

Workspace supports two modes:

  • Page—You receive a single inbound SMS to which you can send a response or that you can handle in other ways.
  • Session—You receive an inbound SMS that starts a chat session with a contact. SMS Session is non–real-time two-way communication between you and your contact through your computer.

If there are in progress or recent interactions for the current contact, the number of interactions is displayed beside the connection status of the interaction.

[+] Page Mode
[+] Session Mode
[+] Session Interactions
[+] Transcript
[+] Transfer
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