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Outbound E-Mail

Outbound e-mail interactions can be generated in several different ways:

  • From an Inbound E-mail Interaction window, by clicking:
    • Reply (IW Email Reply Icon 850.png)
    • Reply All (IW Email Reply All Icon 850.png)
  • By using the Team Communicator to find a contact and selecting New E-Mail.
  • By selecting Create a New E-Mail from the Contact Directory.
  • By replying to an inbound e-mail from the Workbins view.
  • By replying to an inbound e-mail from the Contact History.
  • During a voice, chat, or workitem interaction, by clicking the Action menu on the left-hand side of the name of a connected party and selecting New E-mail.
When you reply to an inbound e-mail interaction, Workspace might be configured to have the contents of the original e-mail interaction included in the body of the reply e-mail interaction.
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