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My Status

The My Status view provides a universal status monitor in the Main Window for all of your media channels.

You can view your status universally and by media type. Place the mouse pointer over the Ready Status icon to view your status summary for each media to which you are logged in. For the voice channel, you can also forward your calls to a different extension.

Use the toolbar to apply actions to selected media types. You can apply the following actions:

  • Log On/Log Off
  • DND on
  • Not ready (reason)/Ready
  • After call work

The following statuses are available for each of the media types to which you are logged in:

  • Out of service
  • Logged Off
  • DND is on
  • Not ready (reason)/Ready
[+] Security
[+] Capacity Rules
[+] My Channels
[+] Ready Status
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