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Workitems are custom media types or tasks that are processed by the intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution. iWD is an application that works with the Genesys Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Platform to distribute tasks to the resources that are best suited to handle them. It is a collection of software components for:

  • Capturing tasks from various enterprise work sources.
  • Applying business rules to classify, prioritize, and reprioritize the tasks.
  • Routing the tasks to agents or knowledge workers in the enterprise.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the intraday and historical status of the tasks and the task handling.

Refer to the intelligent Workload Distribution 8.0 Deployment Guide for more information.

You must define workitems in Configuration Server (refer to Framework 8.0 Genesys Administrator Help and the eServices (Multimedia) 8.0 User's Guide for information about defining Business Attributes (Media Type) in Configuration Server).

Workspace employs the following privileges for all Workitem interactions:

  • Can Use WorkItem Channel
  • Can One Step Transfer
  • Can Set Interaction Disposition

You use the following options in the interaction-workspace section to configure Workitem interactions:

IW_RoutingBasedOriginalEmployeeId, IW_RoutingBasedTargetId,
IW_RoutingBasedTargetType, IW_RoutingBasedActionType.

Workitem Can Mark Done Privilege

The Can Mark Done privilege controls how workitems are marked as done.

When this privilege is allowed, the Done button is displayed in the toolbar when an inbound workitem is presented. If an agent clicks Done, the inbound workitem is terminated (removed from the Business Process). It will then not be possible to submit any corresponding outbound reply from the interaction view. It can only be reopened from the Contact History.

When this privilege is not allowed, the Done button is not displayed when an inbound workitem is displayed. The agent must handle the workitem by replying to it, transferring it, or placing it in a workbin.

Open In-progress Workitems from History

You can enable agents to open a workitem of a specified media type that is in progress and in a workbin or a queue and is not assigned to any agent that is listed in the contact history for that interaction. This feature enables an agent to immediately work on the workitem before it is assigned. This feature is useful for an agent who is interacting with a contact on another media channel.

To enable this feature, for the agent, agent group, or application object, allow the following privileges and set the value of the <media-type>.pull-from-history-isenabled option to true:

  • Contact - Can Pull From Queue
  • Contact - Can Pull Interactions In Shared Workbins
  • Contact - Can Pull Interactions In Workbins Not Owned By The User
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