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Web Callback Interactions

Workspace supports agent processing of Web Callbacks. Contacts can schedule a callback through your website. Workspace employs the following privileges for all Web Callback interactions:

  • Can Use Web Callback Channel — Enables access to the Web Callback channel. All other Web Callback privileges are dependent on this one.
  • Can Decline — Enables agents to decline incoming Web Callback interactions.
  • Can Set Interaction Disposition — Enables agents to set disposition codes for Web Callback interactions.
  • Can Reschedule — Enables agents to reschedule a Web Callback interaction.
  • Can Reschedule Before Call — Enables agents to reschedule a Web Callback Preview at a different date and/or time. The Can Reschedule privilege must be enabled for this privilege to be active. If Can Reschedule is enabled but Can Reschedule Before Call is disabled, agents can still reschedule the Web Callback Preview after they have connected and disconnected the call.
  • Can Reschedule On New Number — Enables agents to reschedule a Web Callback interaction by using a new phone number.
  • Can Mark Done — Enables agents to mark inbound Web Callback interactions as Done without processing them further.

You must also allow the voice privileges since the Workspace Voice channel is used to complete Web Callback interactions. To function correctly, the Web Callback feature requires Interaction Server to be available in the environment (refer to the eServices documentation), as well as either a Voice TServer or SIP Server. To support the transfer of corresponding Voice calls, configure the webcallback.park-queue option. To automatically dial the call when the web Callback interaction is accepted, configure the webcallback.auto-dial. You use the following options in the interaction-workspace section to configure the channel to handle Web Callback interactions:

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