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Managing Agent Inactivity

For security purposes, Workspace can be configured to lock the application, if an agent has not used the keyboard or mouse for a period that you specify. All user input is blocked until the agent provides login information to unlock the application.

When Workspace is locked, the following conditions occur:

  • The following windows are minimized or hidden when the application is locked:
    • Main window
    • Statistics Gadget
    • Interaction window
    • My Channels
    • My History
    • My Statistics
    • My Contact Center Statistics
    • My Messages
  • The following windows/controls remain visible, but are disabled:
    • Interaction notifications (case information is not displayed)
    • System tray icon
  • An authentication dialog window is displayed.
  • A notification that the agent should authenticate to unlock Workspace is displayed.
  • System notices are not locked.

You can use the following option in the interaction-workspace section to control the inactivity timeout.

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