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Enabling the SMS Channel


Enabling an agent to use SMS to exchange SMS with a contact


To enable an agent to use SMS to exchange SMS with a contact that is stored in Universal Contact Server (UCS).

  • Genesys Administrator 8.0.2 or higher, configured to show Advanced View.
  • A working knowledge of Genesys Administrator 8.
  • A Workspace Application object exists in the Configuration Database.
  • Workspace has a connection to Universal Contact Server and Interaction Server.
  • THe Procedure: Enabling agents to manage contacts.


  1. Allow the SMS privileges (see SMS Access Privileges) for the role to which the agent is assigned (refer to the Procedure: Creating a Role and allowing a Workspace privilege and assigning a Role to an agent or agent group).
  2. Configure the SMS options in the interaction-workspace section of the Workspace Application object (refer to the SMS configuration option reference for a list of SMS options and a description of how to configure them, and to SMS Interactions for a list of other configuration options).
  3. Allow the following SMS privileges for the role to which the agent is assigned:
    • Can Use SMS -- Enables access to the SMS channel.
    • Can Decline Chat -- Enables the agent to decline an SMS interaction.
    • Can One Step Transfer -- Enables the agent to transfer an SMS interaction.
    • Can Set Interaction Disposition -- Enables the agent to set a disposition for an SMS interaction.
    • Can Create SMS -- Enbles the agent to create a new SMS interaction.


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