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Enabling the Standard Responses feature


Enabling agents to use the Standard Responses Library (SRL)


To enable an agent to access the Universal Contact Server database of prewritten standard responses for interactions.

Agents can insert these responses as replies into any e-mail, instant messaging, or chat message, or they can read them to the contact during a voice interaction.


  1. Allow the following SRL privileges (see SRL Access Privileges) for the role to which the agent is assigned (refer to the Creating a Role and allowing an Workspace privilege and assigning a Role to an agent or agent group):
    • Can Use SRL
  2. Enable an index search on SRL in the Universal Contact Server configuration.
    • Set the index\enabled option to true.
    • Set the index.srl\enabled option to true.

    For more details about these settings, refer to the eServices (Multimedia) 8.0 Reference Manual.
  3. Configure the relevancy level for Suggested Responses:


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