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Enabling the Broadcast Messages feature


Enabling agents to view Broadcast Messages


To enable an agent to receive and view messages that are sent simultaneously (broadcast) to multiple contact center parties.


  1. Allow the following Broadcast Message privilege (see Broadcast Privileges) for the role to which the agent is assigned (refer to the Creating a Role and allowing a Workspace privilege and assigning a Role to an agent or agent group):
    • Can Use Broadcast Message
  2. Create a communication DN and configure it in broadcast.dn.
  3. Configure the broadcast message topics to which an agent can be subscribed by using broadcast.subscribed.topics.
    Topics can be associated with different configuration objects such as agents ($Agent$), agent groups ($AgentGroup$), and roles ($Role$); or they can be the names of custom topics such as team (for example, billing) or site (for example main_campus).
  4. Ensure that you have a Sender application that implements the protocol described in Viewing Broadcast Messages that sends messages to topics that match what is configured in your system.


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