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Enabling the Disposition Code feature


Enabling an agent to use disposition codes


To enable an agent to specify the outcome (disposition) of an interaction.


  1. In the Workspace application Configuration tab, create or update a Business Attribute in the tenant(s) that contain(s) your agents.
    • The Type of the Business Attribute is Interaction Operation Attributes.
    • The Display Name of the Business Attribute is used as the name of the section in the Agent interface.
    • The Attribute values are the codes that are available for the agent:
    • name"Used in attached data.
    • display name"Used in the Agent interface.
  2. In the interaction-workspace section, set the value of the voice.disposition.value-business-attribute option to the name of the business attribute that you previously configured.
  3. Allow the Can Set Interaction Disposition privilege (see Voice Privileges) for the role to which the agent is assigned (refer to the Procedure: Creating a Role and allowing a Workspace privilege and assigning a Role to an agent or agent group).
  4. Configure the following Interaction options in the interaction-workspace section of the Workspace Application object (refer to the Interaction configuration option reference for a list of Interaction options and a description of how to configure them):


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