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Accessibility And Navigation

Workspace enables you to navigate the user interface by using the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. This feature enhances your productivity by enabling you to navigate without using the mouse. Navigation works panel to panel, and within a panel, component to component. Keyboard navigability enables users who are using a device for accessibility that relies on keyboard navigation, to manipulate the desktop components.

Screen Reader Compatibility

Workspace employs a visual impairment profile feature. This feature enables more elements in the Main Window and the Interaction window to be able to have the focus to enhance step-wise navigation for screen reading applications such as Job Access With Speech (JAWS) Screen Reader from Freedom Scientific. Screen readers enable visually impaired (blind and low vision) agents to use the desktop interface through text-to-speech or text-to-braille. Workspace must be configured in the Configuration Layer to enable this compatibility. These options can be set in the Configuration Layer as default values that can be overwritten in the Agent Annex. The Workspace windows are designed to maximize content readability for screen reader applications.

Configuring Accessibility Features

Use the Procedure: Enabling Accessibility Features to enable Accessibility features for your agents.

Use the following options in the interaction-workspace section to configure Accessibility:

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