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Working with roles

GWS does not use standard Genesys access controls. Instead, it uses its own role-based security based on Annex tab settings. The htcc/roles key must be defined in the Options of the Person object that you use to connect to the API.


Role Description
agent Provides agent access. Agents are contact center employees who handle calls, hold chats sessions, or answer emails.
supervisor Provides supervisor access. A resource whose primary role in the business consists in the direct management of agents, and who, therefore, may occasionally engage in the interaction-handling process (for example, for coaching or emergency purposes).
admin Provides administrator access. An employee in the contact center who can create and edit other users, create reason codes, and assign skills to supervisors.
apiuser Provides the same level of access as an administrator. Use this permission to designate an "API user" system account that is to be used by other server applications and does not represent an actual person.
You can link roles together as comma-separated values. For example:
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