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Offers holds the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.offers' which contains UI options.


window._genesys.widgets.offers = {

	offers: {

		mode: 'overlay',
		layout: 'leftText',
		modal: false,
		title: 'Offer Title',
		headline: 'This is the offer's headline',
		body: 'This is the offer's body',
		button: 'Accept Offer',
			command: '',
			commandOptions: {
				'proactive': true,
				'userData': {'category': 'shoes'}
			url: '',
			target: '_blank'
		video: '',
		autoplay: true,
			autoplay: false,
			loop: true
		timeout: 11000,
			'.cx-body': {
				'background-color': '#FFFFFF',
				'color': '#008000'
		position: {
			'top': '100px', 
			'right': '30px', 
			'bottom': '30px', 
			'left': '100px'

	downloadVideoLib: true


Name Type Description Default Required Accepted Values Introduced / Updated
offers.mode string Selects between overlay and toaster display modes. toaster false 'overlay', 'toaster'
offers.modal boolean Controls the smokescreen support for Offers overlay mode. If set to true, the smokescreen is added behind the offers window and blocks the user interaction from other webpage contents. If set to false, the smokescreen is not added. false false n/a
offers.layout string For the 'overlay' display container, sets the text on the right or left side of the image/video. leftText false 'leftText', 'rightText', 'minimal', 'stacked'
offers.title string The title of the widget; sets the title text in the widget header.

Note: Not available for stacked and minimal layouts.

n/a false n/a
offers.headline string A headline string displayed in larger text above the body. n/a false n/a
offers.body string The main text body of the offer. n/a false n/a
offers.button string A short string to be displayed inside the CTA button. n/a false n/a
offers.cta object An object containing the URL and/or CXBus command to open when the user clicks on the image or CTA button. n/a true n/a
offers.cta.command string A CXBus command to execute when the user clicks on the image or CTA button. n/a false n/a
offers.cta.commandOptions object An object containing options related to CXBus command. n/a false n/a
offers.cta.url string The URL to open when the user clicks on the image or CTA button.

Note: The URL must be properly defined with the complete Protocol URL Address. For example,

n/a false n/a string The value to specify where to open the cta URL. _self false '_blank', '_parent', '_self', '_top', 'framename'
offers.image string A URL of an image to be displayed in the offer. n/a false n/a string A URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video that displays in the offer. If an image URL is present the image replaces the video. Warnings appear in the JavaScript console if the video URL is not valid. n/a false n/a
offers.timeout integer Sets a timeout, in milliseconds, after which offers widget closes if there is no interaction. The minimum value is 10 seconds (10000 ms) to prevent the offer from flashing and disappearing while the user reads it. n/a false positive integers
offers.autoplay boolean Controls the video autoplay feature. If set to true, videos start playing automatically after loading. If set to false (default), videos will not autoplay.

Note: Autoplay feature may need to be enabled in certain IOS mobile devices.

false false true/false
offers.videoOptions object An object containing the adhoc configuration options specific to the player. The JSON definition placed here will enable/disable certain controls in the player.

Note: This must have options specific to the type of player (Youtube/Vimeo)

n/a n/a n/a
offers.position object An object containing the properties for positioning the offers window. The JSON definition placed here overrides the default position of the overlay.

Note: Positioning is disabled when modal option is set to true.

n/a false 'left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom'
offers.countdownText string A countdown text that displays before the countdown timer. If not set, the timer alone is displayed. n/a false n/a
downloadVideoLib boolean An option to enable loading of 3rd party video libraries. Needs to be set to true in order to show videos inside an offer.

Note: this option is only available in the static config, passing this along with the open parameter will not work.

false n/a true/false
styles object An object containing a custom CSS declarations. The JSON definition placed here overrides the CSS of elements visible inside the offers container. n/a n/a n/a
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