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Outbound Application Usage Reporting Service

This report provides information for each IVR Profile on outbound calls made via SSG, aggregated over all the SSG’s in the deployment. Each report contains a manifest section.

Web Service Endpoint

This report is available at the web service endpoint /ems-rs/RT/applications/usage/outbound.

Input Parameters

This report accepts the following Request URI parameters:

Parameter Description
app-id This describes the set of app-id’s that the report will contain. If the app-id is not specified, then results for all IVR Profiles are returned.

Output Format

The report body is organized as a sequence of <ivr-app-usage > elements. Each of these elements contains the following information for an application:

  • Pending/queued calls total
  • Succeeded calls total
  • Failed calls total
  • Average time to complete a call
  • Average attempts to complete a call
  • Last time totals where updated

This report conforms to the RelaxNG schema IVROutboundUsageReport.rng. Download the GVP RNG Schemas An example report body for this report is as follows:

      <application href="/applications/119" name="IVR1">
      <outbound queued="1" sucessfull="2" failed="3" avgtimetocomplete="3" avgattemptstocomplete="5" >
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