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Sample Business Process: RSS BP

RSS BP is a sample Business Process that is supplied on the Genesys Social Messaging Management product CD.

RSS BP performs the following simple processing, using the following strategies:

  1. RSS Inbound Strategy
    1. Initializes the required variables.
    2. Ensures that the interactions will be delivered to agents in the order they were created.
    3. Checks whether the interaction already exists in the UCS database and, if not, creates it.
    4. Creates contacts in UCS.
  2. RSS Classify-Screen Strategy performs classification and screening, and attaches the resulting Actionability and Sentiment attributes to the interaction.
  3. RSS Calculation Strategy processes all previously attached classification and screening keys and attaches the keys desktop_sentiment and desktop_actionable, which the desktop uses in presenting the interaction in its user interface.
  4. RSS Agent Delivery Strategy delivers the interaction to the agent desktop.
Starting in release 8.5.1, RSS Agent Delivery Strategy is modified so that target objects, rather than delivering to a specific group, use the skill-based expression 1=1, meaning the interaction is delivered to any agent who has the capacity to handle social media interactions.
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