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Running Test Scenarios

From the 8.5.1 release of GRS, the Testing Scenarios feature is supported for rules based on the Conversation Manager standard template.

To run a test scenario (for which execute permission is needed), select one or more rows of test data and click Run Test Scenario.

To run all the test scenarios, click Run All.

When the tests are complete, a details view and a summary view are both displayed. The Result column will display either a pass Pass.jpg or a fail Fail.jpg. Click either the pass or the fail icon to bring up a detailed view of the test run.

In release 8.5.1, an additional level of detail is available, if configured, that shows all the conditions that were evaluated in arriving at the Pass/Fail decision for each linear rule or each row of a decision table. Click Show Execution Log to display this detail. Click Hide Execution Log to hide it. See Test Scenario Results.


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