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There are four main components involved in the architecture, and their roles are described in each of the solutions that follow.

  • SIP Server—The core competency of SIP Server is routing and call control, and SIP Server is responsible to initiate call recording by using media control to direct media towards Media Server.
  • Resource Manager—A SIP Proxy that manages a pool of Genesys Media Servers and applies runtime policies such as ensuring call legs to the same conference are pinned to the same Media Server. For Resource Manager, it is also the SIP proxy for the Recording Session so that Resource Manager hides the high availability details of each third party vendor from other Genesys components such as Media Server. Resource Manager also generates the call detail record (CDR) that allows correlation with individual call recordings.
  • Media Server—Performs the actual file-based recording or replicates the media stream to a third party recorder by establishing the Recording Session to the recording server function. Media Server is also responsible for negotiating the media between the endpoints, to minimize the need for transcoding, or to preserve security of the audio stream.
  • Reporting Server—An optional component in this solution; this provides storage of CDR and call events for Resource Manager and Media Server, and provides a web service to provide the user (through Genesys Administrator) the ability to query CDR and other call event information.

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