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Changes to Quality Assurance Review Functionality

Starting with version, the Adapter now lets an agent (or supervisor) handle Quality Assurance (QA) Review emails in the SAP UI.

Feature Configuration

In the [GPMC_Email] section of the Adapter application, set the qaReviewReject configuration option to 0.


Default Value: 1
Valid Values: 0, 1
Changes Take Effect: After restart

This option enables the forwarding of review emails that are assigned to Adapter users to a special queue (as defined by the qaReviewRejectQueue option in the [GPMC_Email] section).

Working with QA Review Emails

Genesys recommends that you use Genesys Workspace for managing QA review emails. Using the Adapter to manage these emails requires proper reporting configuration.

The Adapter manages emails for QA review as incoming email to SAP. The agent (or supervisor) can then reply or forward the emails to customers.

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