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Sample Resources

List of Genesys Mobile Services Code Samples

Sample Description Documentation Resource
Orchestration Server Samples A package of sample files (DFM, SCXML, and VXML) showcasing how Genesys Mobile Services and Orchestration Server interact. ORS Samples Overview Download.png Genesys Mobile Services Sample ORS Samples
InsureCo Sample Application A sample application allows users to create an insurance claim and receive the option to either talk with an agent as soon as the claim is submitted, or to wait and be notified when an agent becomes available. Demonstrates how to implement one basic (request-interaction) and one Advanced (request-inbound-delay) service, as well as using Push messages from Genesys Mobile Services. InsureCo Sample
Interaction Workspace Test Plugin Unzip the file in the <gms install dir>/webapps folder. Genesys Mobile Services Configuration Download.png Genesys Mobile Services Interaction Workspace Test Plugin
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