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This page answers common troubleshooting questions about using GAAP.

  • Issue: I’ve added an option to my Prompt Wording in my Menu, and added a link to this option, but when callers select the number for this option they’re not being put through. Why is this?
    • Suggestion: If you’ve indicated in the Prompt Wording field that the caller should press a specific number to be put through to a particular department, you must also add this number to the DTMF field in the Edit Path dialog box.
  • Issue: Why are callers receiving an error message rather than being routed to a specific number?
    • Suggestion: A list of trusted numbers is configured when GAAP is installed. This prevents callers from being transferred to prohibited numbers, such as premium-rate numbers. Check your reports to identify at which point callers are receiving this error and update the number. This may be in a Phone block, Opening Hours rule, or a Module set up using the Treeview Submodule template. Administrators can add numbers to the trusted numbers list.
  • Issue: Some callers are experiencing technical difficulties at different stages in the callflow. How can I diagnose the problem?
    • Suggestion: The Call Details report allows you to identify the cause of any problems you are experiencing. To access this report, go to the Reports view and click the Raw Data tab. Select Call Details in the Data Set menu, and then click Download to download a CSV file. Open the file and look at the Error Messages column to review where in your callflow a change is required.
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