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CTI Viewer

The CTI Viewer uses a combination of Whisper Transfer and special access to the reporting database to allow you to pass attached data between the caller and the agent, without requiring a CTI-enabled telephony environment.

If you have enabled Whisper Transfer in your Phone block, just before the transfer takes place, GAAP attempts to log the call history to the database and the database generates a new Call ID record. GAAP then creates a special scripting variable called WhisperID that you can include in the Whisper Transfer prompt (for example: The code is [var:WhisperID]. Press 1 to accept the call).

The CTI Viewer can be viewed by most user roles. However, there is a special CTI Agent user role that is only allowed access to this page.

To use the CTI Viewer:

  1. The agent logs into GAAP and clicks CTI Viewer in the navigation bar.
  2. In the CTI Viewer view, click Launch.
  3. In the CTI Viewer dialog box, enter the code provided by Whisper Transfer and click Lookup.
  4. The call details display, including the CLI, any CTI attached-data fields that were attached by Script blocks, and a table showing all of the business tasks that were attempted during the call.
CTI Viewer might show agents an extensive list of information. If needed, agents can click GAAP350 Help CTIViewerStar.png to specify which details they want to view at the top of the list.
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