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Change History

This topic lists all the changes in this document between the specified versions.

Changes in 8.5.2

New pages

Updated pages

  • Solution Deployment: New section "Protection Against External XML Entity Injection Protection"; added description of whitelisting IPs
  • Deploying Genesys Administrator Extension: Added limitation about connections to Configuration Server Proxy; clarified use of user account in Setup mode; added warning to reset configuration environment and Configuration Server if deployment using Setup Mode is interrupted.
  • Configuring GAX Properties: Added new option enable_web_notification
  • Prerequisites for Genesys Administrator Extension Modules: Added procedure for setting up ARM on Windows; reorganized page
  • Configuring System Security: Clarified how to set up trust store and set required options; added procedure to set up secure use of the auto-detect port; updated use of the JSONSESSIONID session cookie; added information about setting up Mutual TLS for GDA
  • Logging In Remotely: Added description of whitelisting IPs
  • Browser Issues: Removed mention of IE 8; clarified that blocked downloads issue applies only if using IE 9; added issue about playing ARM files in IE and Firefox.
  • Configuration Option Management: Added information about to which views the Configuration Manager privileges apply.
  • Known Issues and Limitations replaced by Product Alert: A duplicate of the Product Alert found in the Readme; includes information in what was formerly the Known Issues and Limitations page.

Deleted pages

  • Preferences: This page was a duplicate of information found in GAX Help.


Changes in 8.5.0

Updated Pages

  • System Preferences: In Throttling section, clarified definition and use of configuration options.
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