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Chat Server Administration

This page provides general recommendations for the administration of Chat Server. See also the following:

The following table lists recommended limitations for a Genesys Chat solution running on a single host with two Intel Xeon 3.0GHz processors. Observe these limitations for optimum performace (meaning without significant delay).

Chat Server Limitations



Message size

4 KB (Genesys Desktop limitation; Chat Server does not have this restriction.)

Transcript size

54 KB (Genesys Desktop limitation; Chat Server does not have this restriction.)

Concurrent sessions (in a realistic simple scenario)

500 per Chat Server

Messages per second

50 (rare temporary peaks up to 150)

Sessions opened and closed per second

10 (rare temporary peaks up to 30)

Chat Server also has a timeout that you can configure using the user-register-timeout option (default value 30 seconds). This is the maximum time between opening a socket and either of the following:

  • Receiving a registration over the socket
  • Receiving a flex packet over the socket

This timeout prevents keeping unused connections open.

Connection Delay with Antivirus

It may take some time (up to several minutes on some UNIX Platforms) for Chat Server to connect to an unopened port on a Windows host on which an antivirus program is running. For example, if Chat Server is running on Linux and is trying to connect to an inactive UCS instance, it could take up to three minutes for Chat Server to detect that the listening port is not open.

Chat HA

Deploying a high-availability Chat solution requires some special configuration.

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