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Sample Business Processes for Social Media

The Genesys Social Messaging Management product CD includes two components, each of them containing a number of sample Business Processes:

  • Business Process for Use with Facebook
  • Business Process for Use with Twitter


Interaction Workflows (Business Processes) that handle social media interactions require the following versions of Universal Routing components:

  • Interaction Routing Designer (IRD) 8.1.4 or later
  • Universal Routing Server 8.1.4 or later

Install the sample Business Processes

Installation is similar for both Business Process installation packages.

  1. Double-click setup.exe. This installs an application. It also places files in <eServices_home>\Genesys Business process for use with <SocialMediaName>
  2. Remove any existing versions of these Business Processes in this tenant: In Interaction Routing Designer, deactivate the component strategies, delete the Business Process, and save changes.
  3. From the Start menu, launch the application.
  4. The application asks you to log in to the Configuration Layer in order to launch the wizard for this Business Process.
  5. Select a Social Messaging Server and User Account or Access Group.
  6. Select a Tenant.
  7. Decide whether to add Interaction Custom Properties for iWD integration. If you select this checkbox,
    • The wizard adds desktop_actionable, desktop_influence, and desktop_sentiment to the Interaction Custom Properties under Business Attributes.
    • After completing the wizard, you must run an upgrade script to add the corresponding fields to your Interaction Server database, as the wizard screen reminds you. This script is described below.
  8. Select a destination directory for strategy files. This directory will be created (or overwritten if it already exists).
  9. Select a resource capacity rule. This concludes the wizard.
  10. Use IRD to review the Business Process. There is no need for any import operations.

Configuration Objects Installed

Installing the sample Business Processes creates configuration objects that are listed in Objects Installed with Sample Business Processes.

Database Upgrade Scripts

As part of the installation of the sample Business Processes, the following scripts are installed in <eServices home>\Genesys Business process for use with <SocialMediaName>\Scripts\<RDMSname>. The scripts come in pairs, one for cleaning up the existing database and one for performing upgrades. Always run the CleanUp script first.

  • Both Facebook and Twitter:CleanUpTableInteractionsForIWDIntegration851.sql and AlterTableInteractionsForIWDIntegration851.sql. The Alter script adds fields for sentiment, actionability, and influence to the database. Identical copies of this script are installed in the Twitter and Facebook directories; you only need to run one of them.
  • Facebook: CleanUpTableInteractionsForFacebook851.sql and AlterTableInteractionsForFacebook851.sql. This adds the following fields to the database:
    • facebookPostId
    • facebookInQueueAtTarget
    • facebookCommentId
    • facebookInBufferBeforeTarget

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