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Managing Event Logger Data

For the rpt_interaction, rpt_agent, and rpt_esp tables, Genesys supplies a set of scripts that deletes events as soon as processing of the interaction stops, the agent logs out, or the external service responds, respectively. For custom reporting events that are stored in the rpt_custom table, the event-driven trigger trg_del_cust_delay purges them from the rpt_custom table, with a configurable delay (the default is 10 minutes).

If you want to preserve this data, you can disable the triggers trg_delete_stopped, trg_delete_resp, trg_del_cust_delay, and trg_delete_logout after you run the setup script. For Oracle, additionally, disable the triggers trg_mark_cust_logged, trg_mark_responded, trg_mark_ended_session and trg_mark_stopped_ixn.

You can reenable the triggers any time and resume removing records from the database automatically.

Of course event messages increase rapidly in number as interactions are processed, so you will want to take measures to periodically delete data from the database or move it elsewhere.

Also note that after creating or removing custom fields in a database, some triggers become invalid. If this happens, you must recompile them to be sure they work properly.

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